2019 Piobaireachd Set Tunes

Piobaireachd Set Tunes 2019

Reference note: PS = Piobaireachd Society book, K = Kilberry Book of Ceol Mor

Novice: Play the entire ground (tune selected from below list)

D Grade: Ground and next Variation. (tune selected from below list)

Note the idea is to play the ground plus one variation in total. Therefore if the Ground has a thumb variation for example, then the thumb would suffice as the variation. If there is a Ground followed by a variation with Singling and a Doubling, only the Singling is required to be played.

C Grade: Full tune (tune selected from below list)

Novice, D & C Grade Tune List
Sir James MacDonald of the Isles Lament  PS 7, K
Lament for Alisdair Dearg  PS14
Company’s Lament  PS 1
Glengarry’s Lament  K
Little Spree  PS 7, K
Glen is Mine  PS 6, K
Old Woman’s Lullaby  PS 4, K
MacFarlane’s Gathering  PS 4, K
Too Long in this Condition  PS 7, K
Struan Robertson’s Salute  PS 8, K
Catherine’s Lament  PS 5,K
Black Donald’s March  PS 3,K
Corrienessan’s Salute  PS 8, K
Massacre of Glencoe  PS 6, K

B Grade
Players to submit 2 tunes from the below list and will be required to play 1 full tune of the judge’s selection.

The Bicker PS 4, K
The Battle of Strome PS 5
The Massacre of Glencoe (#) PS 6, K
Tulloch Ard PS 6, K
The MacKay’s Banner (#) PS 7, K
Salute to Donald PS 8, K
Marquis of Argyll’s Salute PS 10
The MacGregor’s Salute (#) PS 10
Too Long in this Condition  PS 7, K
Desperate Battle of the Birds  PS 7, K
MacCrimmon’s Sweetheart  PS 7, K
Lament for the Little Supper  PS 8, K
The Groat  PS 1, K
Catherine’s Lament  PS 5, K
Lament for Donald of Lagan  PS 8, K
Flame of Wrath for Squinting Patrick  PS 5,K
Piper’s Warning to his Master  PS 12, K
Proud to Play a Pipe  PS 6, K

A Grade
Players to submit 3 full tunes of their own choice and to play one full tune of the judge’s selection.






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