Code Of Conduct

Victorian Pipers Association Member Code of Conduct

  • Members are expected to create and contribute to a safe, respectful and supportive environment at all VPA activities.
  • We all choose to be involved in VPA and volunteer our time to get the most out of it.
  • All members and guests should be treated with respect, understanding that we all have our own experiences and viewpoints and that difference of opinion exists.
  • Members should conduct themselves professionally, and behave with courtesy.
  • At all VPA competitions, the Adjudicator’s decisions are final and should be accepted graciously.
  • Members should refrain from making negative comments or disparaging remarks about fellow competitors, judges, stewards, administrators or supporters.
  • Derogatory comments on social media regarding other members or adjudicators will not be tolerated and referred to the VPA Executive and Players Committee for action.
  • Members shall not bully, intimidate or harass anyone involved in VPA activities either physically, mentally or sexually.

A breach of any of the conditions of the Member Code of Conduct will incur disciplinary action to be determined by the VPA Executive and Players’ Committee.

A breach may involve cancellation of membership and referral to the relevant authorities.

Any member wishing to make a formal complaint regarding the conduct of another member or person involved in VPA activities should contact the VPA Executive at

Under 18 Photo and Video Release Form

We understand that videos and images of persons under 18 years of age are subject to child protection and privacy laws. Please find here our Parent/Guardian consent form for the usage of images and/or videos of children under 18 years of age