The Victorian Pipers Association regulates competition standards for VPA competitions. Pipers are given a grade for Light Music and/or Piobaireachd, and do not have to compete in both disciplines. A competitor’s grade may differ between disciplines.
Entry level piping is performed at Novice Grade with the highest standard of piping being at A Grade.
Grading is determined in the following way:
1. Based on competition track record
2. Review all competition results, tune requirements and number of competitors
3. Where applicable, receive input from judges throughout the year.
4. Where applicable, advice from Senior judge(s)
5. Where applicable, feedback from tutors
The President compiles this information, submitting it for review by Chairperson of players committee, then/or the above process.
If a piper does not yet have a grading then they may submit a recording via email to  —  the recording should consist of a bagpipe performance of:
Light Music (tba)
Piobaireachd (tba)
A piper may appeal their allocated grade and should in the first instance request a review by the VPA with the above process.