New to VPA Contests?

For those of you who are new to VPA contests here are some points to help your competition day run smoothly.

    • Ensure that you have entered the correct contest grade and competition element (eg: D Grade March), online entry is preferred prior to the contest but we’ll still take entries on the day although at a significantly higher fee. If you are unsure which grade to enter please contact the VPA to discuss.
    • Check the contest draw prior to competition to ensure your details are correct and there are no significant scheduling clashes…if so then please contact us; we are flexible and will accommodate all reasonable requests so just get in touch. We endeavour to publish the Draw online at least one day before the contest.
    • Arrive at the contest venue in plenty of time before you are scheduled to compete.
    • Make yourself known to the Contest Steward and you will be shown where the Tuning Rooms, Final Tuning and Competition Rooms are.
    • Check the Contest Draw for any alterations, please note that the Draw is subject to change.
    • Be properly dressed in Highland attire!
    • Make sure you are in the Final Tuning Room at your scheduled time as per the Draw.
    • On arrival at the Competition Room please approach the Adjudicator’s Table and the judge will let you know when they are ready to receive you – they may still be writing notes on the previous competitor so please be patient, the judge will get to you as quickly as they can.
    • When the judge is ready, announce yourself and let them know the contest tunes you are doesn’t hurt to have the tune names written down to help your memory! Where relevant the judge will inform you of their selection and let you know when to start playing.
    • Your performance will be judged according to the Assessment Criteria which you can view via the Competition Information menu at the top of the Homepage.
    • Judging sheets will be available at the Contest Steward’s table once the grade contest has been completed.
    • Contest results are announced at the end of the competition and awards presented to the prize-winners. If you cannot stay for the results announcement please inform the Contest Steward prior to leaving so that any awards or judging sheets can be collected on your behalf.
    • Results will be published online as soon as possible after the contest.

Our aim is to provide a friendly, fun and safe environment for pipers to compete in and we hope you enjoy VPA competitions! Please contact us if you have any suggestions, concerns or feedback on our contests as we are always aiming to improve.