Interested in hosting a Solo Piping competition with the VPA? We’ve listed some essential requirements to help with your planning.

Hire and use of venue

The VPA requires at least 4 competitions rooms/ spaces, isolated from outside noise with the equivalent suitable tune-up rooms (4) for pipers to prepare before competing. Please take into consideration weather issues (raining/ heat and cold) to ensure the pipers have ample space to prepare. We’re all about attracting pipers to competitions and providing great facilities most certainly helps. Schools provide for an ideal venue.

The promoter is responsible for the hire and use of the contest venue, which must include Third Party Public liability Insurance. A VPA competition cannot run without Public liability Insurance and a certificate of currency should be kept on hand during the day of the competition.

Either prior or on the day of competition, the VPA will advise the most suitable competition spaces and use of facilities for the competition.


The piping judges are selected by the VPA for each contest. Their names will be forwarded to the promoter and their judging fee is made directly to them, not via the VPA unless by arrangement. A promoter may request a specific judge from the VPA to liaise, organize and negotiate costs involved.

Judging fees

The current rate set by the VPA for judging is $20 per hour.

Judges travel costs

Where applicable, the promoter is required to pay travel costs for Judges, which includes a payment per kilometer for local judges. (Recommended at $0.15 per km). These travel costs are to be negotiated between the Promoter and the Judge, and as such considered private between the two parties.

Judges accommodation costs

The Promoter will pay all expenses related to accommodation for Interstate Judges ‘where applicable’. The VPA will help to subsidize these costs with the promoter.

Contest timetable

The VPA provide a competition timetable schedule and communicate updates with the Promoter throughout the day. All individual element results will be listed immediately after the completion of all competitors within the grade, presentation will take place either mid-way through the competition day or at the conclusion. Timing of presentations will be agreed on by the VPA and the contest promoter, at the Victorian Championships presentations will be at the conclusion of the competition.

Entry Fees

The VPA receives all entries and prepares the competition draw. The promoter will receive $8 per individual element entry received. For example, 1 piper enters all 3 elements in Novice, therefore 3x$8 =$24

The VPA will be responsible for conducting the draw and order of play.

Promoters Revenue

All other revenue raised, i.e. food, drink, merchandise, and any other fundraising at the contest will be the responsibility of the promoter. The VPA is permitted to sell its own promotional merchandise at the contest.

Prizes – Medals

The VPA will supply award medals to the promoter at a fee of $200. This will cover 1st, 2nd & 3rd placing’s in each element for each grade. As the promoter is the major beneficiary of revenue from the event, we’d like to encourage an active approach of promotion and advertising of your competition. We’ll advertise the competition via email lists and social media however we do require your own group to help spread the word.  We also encourage the promoter to increase the prize incentives to compete by way of: donate trophies, books or money to attract more competitors.

If your group is interested in staging a VPA contest, please contact the events scheduler at