VPA Grading Panel

The VPA is introducing an official Grading Panel as of 2023

The Grading panel must consist of at least 3 current, financial VPA members in A grade and who have had at least 1 season of judging experience that includes judging at a minimum of 2 contests. The grading panel may serve a maximum of 3 years without having to be reviewed by the Executive and Players’ Committee.

The grading panel will be appointed through consultation with the prospective candidates by the Executive, and can be reviewed by the Players’ Committee. Confirmation of appointment will be executed by the Executive at each AGM. Any conflict regarding the members of the grading panel can be presented by the Players’ Committee and disputed via special meeting and voted upon.

The role of the Grading Panel is to oversee competitors grading assignments, grading appeals, and finalise tune requirements in consultation with the Players’ committee and Executive.

The Grading Panel for 2023 will consist of:

Jonathan Quay

Struan Thorpe

Jamie Hawke